• Black Guy: Dark-skinned girls are so ugly.
  • Dark-Skinned Black Girl: ....
  • Black Guy: I bet you wish you were a redbone, don't you? You're ugly, darkie.
  • Dark-Skinned Black Girl: ....
  • Light-Skinned Black Girl: You're black as fuck wit yo nappy head!
  • Dark-Skinned Black Girl: ....
  • Light-Skinned Black Girl: That's why I get more men than you.
  • Dark-skinned Black Girl: .....
  • Light-Skinned Black Girl: I'm sick of seeing these dark bitches with their red hair. Y'all look like a battery!
  • Dark-Skinned Black Girl: ....
  • Light-Skinned Black Girl: I'm so pretty and red. You bitches be hatin' on me and my good, curly hair.
  • Dark-Skinned Black Girl: ....
  • Light-Skinned Black Girl: I bet you wish you had natural hair instead of getting a weave.
  • Black Guy: Dark-Skinned girls look like roaches. Get the raid spray and the tazer if that don't work.
  • Dark-Skinned Black Girl: *clenches fists* ....
  • Light-Skinned Black Girl: *Says something that pisses dark-skinned black girl off and escalates into an argument*
  • Dark-Skinned Black Girl: *thinks about all the time she has been insulted* ...
  • Light-Skinned Black Girl: Haha jiggaboo! Your skin is the color of tar! You're dark and ugly and will never look as good as m---
  • Dark-Skinned Black Girl: FUCK YOU YELLA BITCH! YOUR SKIN IS THE COLOR OF PISS! I HATE YOU!!! *jumps the light-skinned black girl and starts punching her*
  • Black Guy: See, that's why we don't like you dark bitches because you so violent and want to beat up the pretty light-skinned girls because you're jealous.

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yes adventure time. explain colonialism and racial imperialism to children and high niggas.

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i could take over the world with these tights


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So I recently saw some hurtful things on my dash about men who basically said dark skinned women aren’t worth the ground they walk on. Their are fathers, and even mothers, who dislike the fact their own child is dark skin. This has to be stopped. But of course, stuck in this slavery and “white supremacy” mentality, no one likes to listen.

Tell that little dark skinned girl with coiled hair crying in the corner because her skin isn’t the color of sand and her hair doesn’t flow and curl like an ocean wave that her skin of pure mahogany and hair that reaches toward the heavens is loved and appreciated.


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To be, …OR NAH?

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I miss how you wanted me.

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